HOSPITALTY GAZEBOS for your Pub, Restaurant and Hotel

White Pavilion Gazebo’s make your outdoor area the place to be, rain or shine. With fitted side screens and infrared heaters your guests will remain dry and warm all day (and night). And most all they will stay longer... in comfort. And with our range of coloured canopies, you can blend in, or stand out, as much or as little as your heart desires.

HOSPITALITY GAZEBOS for Pubs, Restaurants and Hotels

STYLISH HOSPITALITY GAZEBOS will Generate More Income From Your Outdoor Space.

  • Today the Hospitality Trade has a better understanding of adding value to their customer's outdoor experience.
  • Keeping your customers comfortable outdoors, the more time they will spend with you…. which means more money they will spend. Simples.
  • Umbrellas & parasols have limited success because they offer no wind protection - who wants to be in a draught?
  • But some myths still persist
Maximise Your Profits From Your Outdoors
•  Your Target is...
to maximise profits from your outdoor space

•  The Problem is...
having to replace tatty worn out pub umbrellas and parasols (or maybe having no weather protection for your customers)

•  The Solution is...
invest and give your customers a comfortable place to relax with 'complete protection', not just from the rain but more importantly from the wind

•  Your Thought is...
how much?

•  The Answer is...

*the 'true' cost of a White Pavilion Long-Life Hospitality Gazebo is less than the profit from one drink per week!

•  Yea right...How?
Because your White Pavilion Long-Life Hospitality Gazebo will last 20 years and more*

*The true cost of buying our mid-sized Provence 3m x 4m Hospitality Gazebo £2130 is only £106.50 per year!

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Myths as told to us by some in Hospitality Trade

Which.......Pub Umbrellas or Jumbo Umbrellas or Parasols or Gazebos?

Myth 1  My customers only want to be outside on those balmy summer days.

   So what about the other 300 + days?

Myth 2  My pub umbrellas, parasols work just fine

   They don’t because they do not offer any wind protection for your customers, which should be your most important priority for any weather protection

Myth 3  My pub umbrellas, parasols will last for years

    They will not last for 20 years

Myth 4  My pub umbrellas, parasols can withstand high winds

   They will not withstand 100mph winds

Myth 5  My staff always lower my pub umbrellas, parasols when it gets too windy

   You have excellent staff

Myth 6  My customers don’t need wind protection & expensive heating to keep them comfortable, warm & relaxed outside

   Your customers need Gazebos with wind protection & inexpensive heating to keep them comfortable, warm & relaxed outside 

The Hospitality Trade spends serious amounts of time, money and effort to give its customers a relaxing, comfortable, enjoyable experience indoors in the expectation that they will return again and again. And what about the outdoors?

Your outdoor area is a profit centre that needs to be maximised.

"Can you afford not to invest wisely in a 20 year* solution for your outdoor area?"

We offer you a choice of 3 sizes of Long Life Hospitality Gazebo

Tuscany 3m x 3m  £1,662 | Provence 3m x 4m  £2,131 | Andalucia 3m x 6m  £2,796 |

(prices exclude vat)

*The service life of your White Pavilion Hospitality Gazebo is 20+ years"


“Compare us to other Hospitality Gazebos. Only a White Pavilion Hospitality Gazebo will give you......”

✓  Long-Life Canopy - 20+ years 

✓  Long-Life Pressure Treated Timber: never needs re-treating

  Stainless Steel Brackets & Fixings

  Translucent Canopy - lets in 85% of the light

  ‘Self Clean’ Canopy - get your sample

  100% UV Protection

  100% Waterproof

  Tested To Safely Withstand 100+ Mph Winds

  40 Non-Fade Colour Choices - order your colour swatch

  Optional Side Screens - see side screen options

  Optional Infrared Heaters - check out heater options

  Simple Self Build - see the video

✓  Can be installed on your patio or timber decking

  Installation service available in most areas

  Can be dismantled and re-installed

✓  5 Year UK Guarantee

 “We have sold more than a 1500 gazebos since 2007. No other gazebo sold in the UK gives you so much long lasting value”


Manager, New Inn Tresco, Isles of Scilly, Cornwall
  • "Just to let you know that your tough gazebos shrugged off yesterdays 115 mph storm without a problem. I wish the rest of the Isles of Scilly had done so well.


Lee Edwards, Director, The Carpenters, Rayleigh.
  • “I was looking for a gazebo which would last longer than a year and stood out, I searched lots of garden centres and spent hours on the web, then I found White Pavilion Gazebos. When the Gazebo arrived I was amazed with the detail supplied, not only a instruction manual (which I never normally get on with) but each part was clearly labelled. It took two of us to assemble all three in 2 days. These are heavy duty, beautiful gazebos and really do stand out. I have no hesitation in recommending both the product and service you will receive. Thanks,”


Ashley Lidgard, hotel owner – Brackenborough Hotel, Louth, Lincolnshire.
  • “We are delighted with our smoking shelter that was recently installed on the patio area of our brand new function suite. The elegant design really helps set the tone, and blends in beautifully with everything else we have selected.”


Paul Spicer, La Source Chambre d’Hotes, Restaurant and Camping, Hautes Alpes, France
  • “Just thought I’d send a few pictures of our two gazebos, both old and new gazebo assembled with no problems (as expected) – so once again really pleased with the result, many thanks.”


Hotel Manager, New Inn, Tresco, Isles of Scilly
  • ‘The gazebos have lived up to and surpassed our hopes and expectations. They are strong, sturdy and attractive and have withstood West Country gales without a problem. A great investment for ‘al fresco’ dining through-out the year. Thank You.’



We worked hard to make this a tough and stylish luxury wooden gazebo. And I'm happy to put my money where my mouth is. The canopy, timber frame and steel fittings all come with a fuss free 5 Year Guarantee. A White Pavilion Hospitality Gazebo has an expected life in excess of 20 years.


With a 100% waterproof canopy, it will withstand temperature extremes from -30 degrees celsius to +70 degrees celsius. Snow build up isn't a problem either, as the smooth outer surface lets the snow simply slip off once it starts getting warmer - but to be certain I designed the canopies, when assembled, to support weight of an average grown man.

Carpenters Arms, Rawreth


All metal fixings, nuts and bolts are made from 304 stainless steel, which gives the White Pavilion Gazebo's not only extraordinary strength, but also almost unlimited life. But the brushed finish of these exposed steel brackets and base also gives the White Pavilion Gazebo's a distinctive, stylish and contemporary look.


Wind is the greatest threat to any gazebo. So, I've built the White Pavilion Garden Gazebo to withstand even the strongest storms. Every White Pavilion Gazebo is certified to withstand wind speeds up to 27 metres per second - that's a force nine gale to you and me. With 1500 sold and counting, we have never lost a White Pavilion Gazebo to weather. Our record is coming through unscathed in a recorded 115 mph wind!


Do your customers want to be in the dark?

Our stylish PVC translucent canopy is undoubtedly tough, and added strength is added using our under tension fitting process. But its also beautiful, allowing a soft natural light, that also provides protection from harmful sun's ultra-violet light. Its smooth finish is easy to clean, in fact is self cleans in the rain, and has a life expectancy of 20 years. It can be simply removed but is designed to be on permanentely in all weathers.


White Pavilion Garden Gazebo are built using engineered timber made with sustainable Northern European Redwood and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). All the timber is then pressure treated with Osmose Naturewood to ensure protection from decay and infestation for many years. Osmose Naturewood products are environmentally safe and can be painted or stained to match any outdoor colour scheme.

All timber has natural variations in colour, which can be exaggerated after the preservative treatment process. The appearance will vary from a light green tinge to a natural honey brown before finally fading to a driftwood grey after long-term exposure to the sun. Re-treatment is not necessary.


Canopy also available with the skylight option, as shown in the rain.

What is the canopy material?

The pvc membrane canopy material is designed for the commercial marquee industry, is a tensile fabric structure that makes it possible to create dramatic, exciting and striking canopies as it offers translucency, is lightweight and uses tension to create the three dimensional form.

The fabric we use is the 650 gsm marquee grade PVC. This material has a tensile strength in excess of 5 tonnes per metre for a single thickness.

The quality of our canopy means it will survive 100+ mph winds…will last 20+ years…self clean in the rain…and is translucent to allow soft light.

“After selling more than 1500 gazebos we know how tough our canopies are. In fact we have never had to replace a failed canopy. That’s how good our quality is."

Tim Burdekin, Designer & Managing Director


We can offer you a huge range of coloured screens and canopies to replace the standard white canopy that comes with your garden gazebo. White is still our most popular colour, but that doesn’t mean it’s for you, so to request a free colour swatch just head over HERE


Can my gazebo be installed onto any surface?

Our gazebos are installed onto timber decking, a patio, pavers etc. If you want to place onto to grass, we can advise you. We include the stainless steel box sections with a welded stainless steel base plate. The included construction 'self-tapping' hardened anchorbolts, will fasten into stone, wood, marble, concrete and brick. A simple fixing job, they can be undone & re-done. note: Premium quality gazebos should always be attached securely. Never consider buying a gazebo that the does not come with a secure anchoring system - it shows that the manufacturer doesn't really care for your long-term enjoyment.