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White Pavilion Gazebos Shrug Off Hurricane Ophelia…Again

We are very pleased to reassure you. Our gazebos have come through unscathed after a battering from ‘Hurricane Ophelia’ in Ireland and ‘Hurricane Irma’ in Florida.

In fact, we have never lost any of our gazebos to wind damage, ever! Nearly 2,000 gazebos sold worldwide, and all still standing.

Surviving ‘Hurricane Irma’, Florida

     “The gazebo survived Hurricane Irma and looks great, thanks”   Rick C, Ormond Beach, Florida

Surviving ‘Hurricane Ophelia’, Ireland


    “I just wanted to let you know that our gazebo survived Hurricane Ophelia and I think the others all did too so that’s great news…….. We are delighted with the Gazebo. It has provided us with an outdoor room and it’s a great space for entertaining. The heater means we sit outside all year round. We love it!”   Vanessa B, Potters Point Residential Park, Brittas  Bay, Ireland


What’s the canopy material made from?

The canopy on a White Pavilion gazebo is made from a tensile fabric structure PVC material, that makes it possible to create dramatic, exciting and striking canopies. This material offers translucency, is lightweight and uses tension to create its three-dimensional form. The canopy material is manufactured in Germany by Verseidag, one of the worlds largest producers of tensile fabric.

Is the canopy Waterproof? 

Unlike a canvas material, our canopies and side screens are 100% waterproof.
Note: A gazebo described as Weatherproof & Showerproof means it’s not waterproof and a canopy described as 99% waterproof means it leaks!

How Windproof is it?

Most gazebos are designed for good weather use only – they are not designed to cope with high winds, torrential rain or all year round use. Our Gazebos are used all year and will withstand winds over 100 mph. To reassure you, we have sold more than 1500 of our sturdy gazebos and have never had one lost to or damaged by the wind.



Just to let you know that your tough gazebos shrugged off yesterdays 115 mph storm without a problem. I wish the rest of the Isles of Scilly had done so well.” The Manager, The New Inn, Tresco, Isles of Scilly, Cornwall



Like a sample to see how tough it really is? You’ll be very impressed: Request your sample

Does it come in any other colours?

Yes. Our most popular colour is white, but we can offer an extensive range of 40 non-fade colours. Check out our CANOPY AND SCREEN COLOURS page, where you can request a free colour swatch.

Where is the canopy made?

White Pavilion canopies are fabricated in the UK by J&J Carter Ltd, who have been manufacturing tensile fabric structures to exacting standards since 1988 see www.jjcarter.com.

Can the canopy cope with freezing temperatures?

A White Pavilion canopy is designed for a tough environment, able to comfortably handle anything from -30° celsius to +70° celsius

How long will the canopy last?

Our fabricator has been supplying these canopies for over 20 years without a failure. And we guarantee the canopy for 5 years. Expected service life is more than 20 years.

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