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To celebrate the launch of our Veranda range – save 20%

Increase the useability of your outdoor space, no matter the size with a White Pavilion Veranda.

Starting at £1,734.00

Reusable exhibition trade stands

A flexible but sturdy solution for event spaces – plus, after the event, you can always store it in your garden!

A great solution for exhibition and event spaces

If you are looking for a high quality, reusable event space, then take a good look at our range of Gazebos. Popular with repeat exhibitors and available in 40 different colours.

easy to erect gazebo

Easy to build

Two people can easily assemble a White Pavilion gazebo in half a day to a full day, depending on their DIY skills. Installation service available in many areas. See Easy Build Video on our FAQ's page.

low maintenance

Low maintenance

The canopy is made of self cleaning fabric, so the rain will clean your gazebo.

wind proof gazebo


Our stormproof gazebos are built to survive hurricanes with speeds in access of 100mph.

all year usage gazebo

Use it all year round

Add lights, heaters and screens and our Gazebo's can become an outside room.

The White Pavilion Event Space comes in FOUR simple sizes

3m x 3m gazebos

The Rhodes: 2.4m x 2.4m Gazebo

Our latest addition to the White Pavilion Gazebo range. Our smallest size for those with limited areas.

3m x 3m gazebos

The Tuscany: 3m x 3m Gazebo

A great addition for smaller gardens, and easily takes a 6 – 8 seater table.     This size is also perfect as a hot tub gazebo. 

Provence 3m x 4m Gazebo

The Provence: 3m x 4m Gazebo

Our most popular. A flexible space for families who want to enjoy their outdoor space. Easily takes an 8 seater table and settee or bar area.

Andalucia 3m x 6m Gazebo

The Andalucia: 3m x 6m Gazebo

 A lovely addition to the larger garden. Very popular for the Hospitality trade & a great all-weather enclosure for a Swim Spa.

1000 outcomes

look what our happy customers have done with their gazebos

Our customers love the White Pavilion range of Gazebos, not only because of how well made they are, but how highly customisable they are.


add optional extras to really make your gazebo your own...

5 year guarantee

5 year guarantee - view our range or build your own

All our White pavilion Gazebo’s come with a no-quibble five year guarantee.

Create your own or shop from our range of popular, pre-configured enclosures.

3m x 3m white pavilion gazebo

2.4m x 2.4m Gazebo – The Rhodes

Original price was: £2,599.00.Current price is: £2,279.00.
3mx6m gazebo

3m x 6m Gazebo – The Andalucia

Original price was: £4,331.00.Current price is: £3,956.00.
3mx4m gazebo - 6 legs

3m x 4m Gazebo – The Provence (6 Legs)

Original price was: £3,298.00.Current price is: £2,988.00.
3mx4m gazebo - 5 legs

3m x 4m Gazebo – The Provence (5 Legs)

Original price was: £3,298.00.Current price is: £2,988.00.


Here are the answers to some of the common questions we get asked prior to ordering.
If you can’t find your answer here, call us at 01653 695 285, we’re here to help.

We Don’t Compete on Price; We Compete on Quality.

Our prices are driven by the material costs – higher C24 grade timber [pressure treated], 304 stainless steel brackets & fixings, commercial quality long-lasting canopy and screens.

  • Changing to cheaper-priced materials would translate into a low-quality, short-life product.
  • We believe in long-lasting quality

Our products we designed here in Yorkshire, have a 5-Year Guarantee, a 100mph Stormproof guarantee, have a 20-Year Design Life.

Simply, quality costs, so quality lasts.

We use 650 grams per square metre fabric, is commercial-grade PVC, and is designed exclusively for the commercial marquee industry. This material has a tensile strength of over five tonnes per metre for a single thickness. The PVC coated polyester fabric membrane is a tensile fabric structure that makes it possible to create dramatic, exciting and striking canopies as it offers translucency, is lightweight and uses tension to create the three-dimensional form. .

This material is the strongest, toughest, most robust canopy and screen material we could have chosen—it will last up to 20 years or more. 

It is 100% Waterproof, provides 100% UV Protection, and, with its acrylic finish, self-cleans in the rain.

It has a five-year guarantee.

If you would like a sample, check out our GAZEBO COLOURS page

This material is designed and manufactured exclusively for the commercial marquee industry. It is designed to withstand years of use by the marque industry. This material has a tensile strength of over five tonnes per metre for a single thickness. This material is the strongest, toughest, most robust canopy and screen material we could have chosen—it will last up to 20 years or more.

It has a 5 year guarantee.

If you would like a sample check out our GAZEBO COLOURS page.

Throughout the UK, Highlands, Northern Ireland, UK Islands, Channel Islands, Republic of Ireland, Europe.

Our Gazebo’s come with all the stainless steel fixtures, fittings and ground anchor bolts you will require.  All timber holes are predrilled to make assembly even easier. See our Easy Build Video.

Our guarantee applies to the original purchaser and gives total confidence to our customers. Our 5 Year Guarantee assures you that we will replace any item that fails to perform to its original manufactured standard. We source only the highest quality parts. We will replace the faulty item without charge. Delivery costs to areas outside the mainland UK will apply. Please note that electrical items and the transparent panel’s sections in the screens & canopy carry the manufacturer’s 12-month guarantee.

White Pavilion reserves the right to substitute the failed product with a similar product if the item, model, or colour is no longer available. Any replacement will be for the failed product only, but only where compatible parts are still available. The original warranty period is not extended in the event of a repair or replacement.

In the event of a claim, the customers’ responsibility is to contact White Pavilion Gazebos at and supply a copy of proof of purchase. Any claim must be in writing.

We are confident that our gazebos will give you many, many years of service.

We need total customer satisfaction. Subject to your statutory rights under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, any amendments are not affected by our terms and conditions.

Short answer in our 18 years’ experience, is a non-issue for you, so don’t worry.

Planning permission for our gazebos is not usually required, even in defined Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. A White Pavilion Garden Gazebo is viewed as being similar to a greenhouse or garden shed. If you are unsure and want some advice, contact us at 01653 695 285.

gazebo space idea

  • The photo above shows our Tuscany 3m x 3m x 2.8m standard height gazebo, installed on 2-step timber decking and installed within 2 metres of the boundary and over 2.50 metres height – location Gerrards Cross, London.

Because of its location, within 2 metres of a boundary, it was outside the automatically approved permitted development rules. i.e. over the 2.50 metre height rule and closer than 2 metres to the boundary fence. After a ‘moan’ from a neighbour, the Planners visited. They liked it and gave their approval.

  • The photo above shows our Provence 3m x 4m x 2.8m standard height gazebo, installed within 2 metres of the boundary and over 2.50 metres height. The Planners visited and gave their approval – location York.

Check out our website photos, and you will see that most of our customers placed their gazebo within 2 metres of the boundary fence. They did not apply for specific planning approval. They did not seek a neighbour’s permission.

Siting your gazebo, with the nearest leg, 2 metres or more from the boundary, is within your automatically approved permitted development rules, so it does not require any specific planning application.

Our customers believe that if it ever becomes a planning concern, they will apply retrospectively and get it. In our customers’ experience, the planners always give their approval on those extremely rare occasions, as seen in the examples above.

A word of advice. You do not need your neighbour’s permission to relax and enjoy your garden with one of our gazebos. It’s your garden, so it’s your choice. Our 2,500 customers know that a neighbour’s approval before installation is not required. So legally, you have rights to enjoy your garden without interference.

Over the last 18 years and 2,500 sales, we have never had a planning refusal because the gazebo is sited too close to a boundary. Look at the images on our website; you will see most are sited closer than 2m to the boundary fence. None of them has had planning issues. If you have any concerns call us for a chat – 01653 695 285.

Sorry, we don’t have a showroom, but you can check out an extensive gallery of images on our GAZEBO IDEAS page. If you would like a coloured or our standard white material sample check out our COLOURS page

   Delivery by Palletways, a commercial carrier : weights 300kgs – 450kgs : pallet 2.40m x 0.80m 

Delivery to postcodes – HG, HU, LE, YO: £35

Delivery to most UK postcodes:  £85  

Delivery to postcodes: DD, PH6, PH8-12, FK18-21, TR:  £125

Delivery to: The Highlands, UK Islands, Northern Ireland, Ireland & Europe, please check with us – 01653 695 285.:

Yes, we offer 40 fade-resistant colours. We recommend customers order a swatch before buying as computer screen colours can vary. Find out more about ordering our coloured gazebos here.

Delivery times will always depend on your order. We have over 900 permutations, so we cannot stock every order. We use a specialist fabricator for our canopies & screens, so we have to work on their production timescale. It can be 6 to 8 weeks. Usually, it is much quicker.

Our timber is European Spruce, supplied from Germany. It is certified FSC which means it is guaranteed to come from sustainable sources.

We use quality grade C24. This is a premium product as the wood is slower grown and is also denser. It is the better-quality structural option because it can take up to 50% longer for these timbers to grow, meaning that they have more growth rings. The more growth rings a piece of wood has, the higher its overall density, which means that it has greater natural durability and improved stability. For more info on timber grade C24 –

Our timber is pressure treated with SENTRIN PRESERVE HP an environmentally safe product. The timber does not need re-treating or painting or varnishing or staining. But you can…just do what is says on the tin.

On rare occasions, minor splits may appear, even in recently delivered timber. Most timber sections will never be affected but can affect some timber sections. This is caused by changes in moisture and is a normal part of timber movement. please note: These minor splits do not affect the strength of your gazebo. This process cannot be prevented in unsealed timber. It is all part of the natural ageing process, and as such, wood cannot be guaranteed not to split. Also, small resin pockets may form, and on rare occasions, knots may fall out. Again, this is a natural ageing process. For more information about our grade of timber, C24 see  –

After pressure treatment, all timber has natural variations in colour, from white to brown to light green. Also, any light-coloured banding, during the treatment process, will soon match. Over time, the timber will change from a honey brown before fading to a driftwood grey after exposure to the weather. The timber can be painted, stained, oiled or varnished – just ‘do what it says on the tin’.

Mould growing on timber is quite common. It happens when the moisture content of the wood is too high. This can lead to mould forming on its surface.

Mould spores can be found in most environments, and when they come in contact with wet timber, this is an ideal place for growth.

To help clean the mould, you can use distilled white vinegar or a decent mould spray will usually do the trick. A popular household mould spray that will do the job is Cillit Bang Power Cleaner Black Mould Remover.

We use 304 stainless steel, it’s about  50% stronger than the same sized mild steel.

We only use stainless steel brackets & fixings. Stainless steel can be affected by atmospheric conditions, with tarnishing mainly occurring in areas close to the coast. Salt effects can occur in places as far as 50 miles from the coast. Salt deposits can sometimes lead to tarnishing. Stainless steel is ‘stain-less’, not ‘stain-impossible’ as stated by the Stainless Steel Association. To remove salt deposits, clean regularly. There are many stainless steel cleaners on the market. We can recommend heavy-duty commercial cleaning & protection products from Bromoco. See

Screens are supplied with marine quality turnbuttons that allow for permanent or temporary attachment.

The transparent panels are made from a commercial quality material but by their nature are not as robust as the pvc material. When not in use we recommend either hanging up or rolling up dry. Do NOT fold. We have sold more than 8,000 screens and perhaps handful each year require a simple repair.

We recommend removing screens during high winds or prolonged windy conditions. Although the screens are a robust construction there is a limit to the amount of wind buffering they can take. By removing them completely or rolling up, the eyelets are less likely to tear the screen fabric. Wind damage is not covered by your guarantee.

The weight on each gazebo leg is about 8 stone [ 51 kilos ] much less than the weight of an average adult, so no problems attaching to your timber decking.

We designed your gazebo to be assembled first. This allows you to shuffle and position your gazebo accurately before you attach the legs [ with the supplied Ankerbolts™ ] to your surface. This is the last job you do after complete assembly. To help further, we provide you with a layout drawing which marks each leg’s precise location.

As most patios & timber decking have a slight fall to allow water to drain away, this doesn’t affect your gazebo installation.

Your White Pavilion gazebo comes complete with all the fixings, instructions and pre-drilled timber. It makes installation quite easy for the average DIY person. We recommend a two-person team for safety & speed. Allow 4 – 8 hours depending on your DIY skills – see Easy Build Video. We have some installers. Get in touch to see if we cover your area – 01653 695 285.

To make your gazebo more secure, we include a stainless steel box section and construction Ankerbolts™ for attaching to your patio, timber decking, or garden. Please note that a premium quality gazebo, like our White Pavilion Gazebos, should always be securely attached to the ground. Not attaching your gazebo securely invalidates your guarantee. Quality Materials

If you are installing your gazebo onto soft ground, locate each leg’s position [ see our layout drawing.pdf ], dig down about the depth of a spade and fill with Ready Mixed Concrete. Place a paving slab on top; you’re now ready for your included base cleat to be attached with the supplied Ankerbolts™.

Our White Pavilion Garden Gazebos are designed to be dismantled and reinstalled. So you don’t have to leave it behind when you move house.

Most of our customers choose to self-install, often with family and friends.  Or you can use a local handyman. Our flat-pack design is straightforward with pre-drilled timber. It’s no more complicated than a flat-pack from Ikea [ that’s what my customers tell me ].

Our instructions do work. But ONLY when you read them! Click to see our EASY BUILD VIDEO will give you a better idea. Allow 4 – 8 hours depending on your DIY skills.

We have a number of recommended installers, call us to see if we have one to cover your area – 01653 695 285


To prolong the life of your White Pavilion gazebo and to keep it in the best of condition, regular maintenance is essential.

Your local atmospheric conditions may require more regular maintenance. Failure to carry out regular maintenance may invalidate your guarantee.

  • Check and clear drain holes at the end of each rafter. This is essential maintenance. Timber in constant contact with water will rot! Check & clear drain holes four times a year.
  • The acrylic surface makes the canopy and screens almost completely self-cleaning. To keep it pristine, use a dilute washing-up detergent and rinse off with the hosepipe. Do not use any abrasive product, solvents or power washer. Clean the canopy twice a year.
  • Hot Tub Gazebos: The underside of the canopy can be affected by chemicals and excess water evaporation from your hot tub, which may give rise to mildew forming. Regular cleaning will reduce this.
  • Temperature changes can sometimes lead to a slackening of the nuts. Check twice a year.
  • Stainless steel can be affected by atmospheric conditions, with tarnishing occurring in areas close to the coast. To remove salt deposits, clean with a mild detergent and nylon brush. Should you experience tarnishing, check out your local DIY store or contact our recommended specialist cleaning product. See

A wash with diluted mild detergent and rinse off with a hosepipe a couple of times a year will keep it looking good. As you would with your car it’s best to remove bird dropping soon. Do NOT use chemicals, abrasives or a power washer as this will damage the acrylic protection. This would invalidate your guarantee.

Since we started in 2006 all our gazebos have been designed by us here in Yorkshire. And we manufacture almost all of our components locally here, where quality counts.

An indicated dimension is the footprint as measured from the outside of a leg to the outside of the adjacent leg. The corner rafters protrude about 30cm [12 inches].