Still got questions about our White Pavilion Garden Gazebos? Well, I've put together a list of some of the most common questions we get asked here at White Pavilion, I hope it helps.

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We worked hard to make this a tough and stylish luxury wooden gazebo. And I'm happy to put my money where my mouth is. The canopy, timber frame and steel fittings all come with a fuss-free 5 Year UK Guarantee. A White Pavilion Gazebo has an expected life in excess of 20 years. Our guarantee applies to the original purchaser.


Sorry, we can only supply you with a choice of our Tuscany 3m x 3m or our Provence 3m x 4m or our Andalucia 3m x 6m

Our canopies are designed with our unique tensioning system and shaped to our timber framework. They will not fit any other framework. Our canopies are designed to last 20 years, at least.  Sorry, we are unable to supply you with a bespoke size canopy.

Our choices of side screen are designed to fit White Pavilion gazebos only. We are unable to supply a bespoke sized screen.


The PVC coated polyester fabric membrane designed for the commercial tent and marquee trade is a tensile fabric structure that makes it possible to create dramatic, exciting and striking canopies as it offers translucency, is lightweight and uses tension to create the three-dimensional form.

Yes we can. Our most popular colour is white but we can offer a range of different colours, just request a colour swatch to make your choice.

The canopy material is manufactured in Germany by Verseidag, one of the worlds largest producers of tensile fabric. White Pavilion canopies are fabricated in the UK by JJ Carter Ltd, who have been manufacturing tensile fabric structures to exacting standards since 1988 see

A White Pavilion canopy is designed for a tough environment, -30° celsius to +70° celsius

Our fabricator has been supplying these canopies for over 10 years without a failure. We guarantee the canopy for 5 years. The expected life is over 20 years.

Our gazebos can be attached together, we can supply a rain gutter to fit between each gazebo to give protection from the rain.

We can provide you with extra long legs (2.40 m) to give extra height clearance if necessary and supply rain guttering to match the canopy, to give additional protection from the rain.

Of course you can, a five-minute job, but why?  Many of our customers like to use their White Pavilion gazebo all year round. The canopy is designed to last 20 plus years. But it can be simply removed by undoing the fastening bolts - replacement is just as easy.

The White Pavilion's unique feature is its translucent canopy. This allows a soft light (85% of natural light) and gives 100% UV protection from the sun, particularly beneficial to schools for their outside classrooms.

Unlike a canvas material, the smooth surface makes the canopy almost self-clean when it rains. To keep it pristine, use very dilute mild detergent and thoroughly rinse off with the hosepipe a few times a year - do not use abrasives, solvents or a power washer.

With the small roof area the amount of rain collected means the drip off is limited. However, you can attach a silicon beading to the canopy above an entrance bay which will direct the run off water to the side.

The pvc material has passed all the relevant fire safety standards for the UK and Europe. It is safe to barbecue under a White Pavilion gazebo, The PVC coated polyester fabric is 100% waterproof and will withstand temperature extremes from -30 degrees celsius to +70 degrees celsius. 


All timber has natural variations in colour, which can be exaggerated after the preservative treatment process. The appearance will vary from a light green tinge to a natural honey brown before finally fading to a driftwood grey after long-term exposure to the sun.

We only use European Redwood (pinus sylvestris) imported from Sweden.

All White Pavilion timber is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified - a guarantee that it comes from sustainable managed forests. Visit FSC website (

All the timber is pressure treated to give protection from decay and infestation and has an expected life of up to 30 years.'

We use Osmose Naturewood™. This product has been used is Europe for over 10 years and complies with the relevant British and European Standards including the new BS8417. Visit (

Re treatment is not necessary.

Yes, any propriety brand can be applied to the timber, just do what it says on the tin.

As a natural outdoor product the moisture content of the timber will vary according to your local climatic conditions. Splits and swelling may appear and disappear throughout the year, this is normal and does not affect its strength.


The weight of each leg of the gazebo is much less than the weight of an adult, so no problems attaching to your timber decking.


Although stainless steel is much more resistant to corrosion than ordinary carbon or alloy steels, in some circumstances it can corrode. It is ‘stain-less’ not ‘stain-impossible’. Stainless steel resists most oxidising acids and can withstand ordinary rusting. However under some atmospheric conditions in a costal environment tarnishing can occur. This can be easily removed with a stainless steel cleaner. Contact us for more information.


Screens are supplied with stainless steel marine quality turnbuttons that allow for permanent or temporary attachment.

The transparent panels are made from a commercial quality material but by their nature are not as robust as the pvc material. When not in use we recommend either hanging up or rolling up dry.

We recommend removing screens during high winds or prolonged windy conditions. Although the screens are a robust construction there is a limit to the amount of wind buffering they can take. By removing them completely or rolling up, the eyelets are less likely to tear the screen fabric.



Allow 14 to 28 working days, but during our busiest periods, it can take longer. Sometimes we can shuffle our delivery dates so do let us know if you have a preferred date. Special order items such as colours will depend on our fabricator's schedule and can take as much as 6 weeks.

We could include a standard delivery price in our prices but that would mean some customers would be paying unnecessarily more. We feel that our customers should just pay for their own costs.


Delivery area 1 other UK postcodes                                                                                                        


Delivery area 2 CF,CT,DD1-7,DD11,DG,EH,EXFK,G,KA,KY,LL,ML,NP,PA1-19,PH1-14PL,SA,TA,TD,TQ


Delivery area 3 DD, PH 6, PH 8-12,FK 18-21, TR                                                                                                


Delivery area 4 Highlands, UK Islands, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Europe, Worldwide - call us for your quotation on 01653 695 285                                               


Our gazebos weigh up to 350 kilos and come on the special double pallet ( 2.40 m x 0.80 m ) so we have to use a commercial carrier with a tail-lift vehicle who charges commercial rates. If you have a suitable vehicle you are welcome to collect from us - Malton, North Yorkshire YO17 9HQ.

We deliver throughout Europe and have shipped as far as Florida and Singapore

The delivery is to the front of your house. The driver is not authorised to break down the delivery and move items.

A delivery pallet truck, used to move your palletised gazebo, is designed with small wheels to move across smooth surfaces. Unfortunately, they will not run on uneven surfaces, gravel or grass. And with the weight of your delivery, it is almost impossible to safely move up or down a slope. Kindly let us know if you have any of these issues.


The intense heat from gas heaters could lead to canopy damage. Heat from a gas heater will blow away in the slightest breeze, heating your garden instead of you. Infrared heat, as we get from the sun, heats objects not the air, so warms you and your furniture no matter what the wind does. There are a number of infrared heaters on the market but after extensive testing the only heater we know that will not damage the timber and your canopy is one we can supply. For your added reassurance it's made in the UK. For more information see our INFRARED HEATING.

The 1500w infrared heater we recommend is waterproof IP 55 rated, which means it can be safely fitted outside. Made in the UK. For more information see our INFRARED HEATING.

For added safety, we recommend the fitting of a residual circuit breaker type C.


All White Pavilion gazebos have a discrete channel which hides light, heater and speaker cables.

The fitting is straightforward but we would always recommend using a qualified electrician.


Our gazebos are designed to resist high winds and have regularly survived wind speeds in excess of 100 mph. Our gazebos have withstood Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Daisy & Hurricane Ophelia. In fact, we have never had any of our nearly 2,000 gazebos damaged by Hurricane winds.

There is normally no need to remove the canopy. If you are concerned about flying debris the canopy can easily be removed, a 5 minute job. With the screens rolled up it allows the wind to freely pass through. The screens are very tough but constant wind buffering can damage the eyelets.

Not an issue because of the strength of the construction and the exceptionally strong canopy. It can take the weight of a person, in fact with its smooth surface snow slides off.

Even in high wind conditions, any draught is virtually none existent. Assuming, of course, you have side screens in place.


Planning permission for our gazebos is not usually required, even in defined Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. A White Pavilion Garden Gazebo is viewed as being similar to a greenhouse or garden shed. If you are unsure and would like some advice contact us on, 01653 695 285.

The image below shows a Tuscany 3m x 3m gazebo in Gerrards Cross, on top of a 2 step timber deck and located within 2 metres of the boundary.

Because of its location, within 2 metres of a boundary, it was outside the automatically approved 'permitted development' rules. i.e. over the 2.50 metre height limit. Planners visited this customer after a 'moan' from a neighbour. They liked it and gave approval. Our gazebos are often placed within 2 metres of the boundary, with our customers taking the view that if it ever becomes a planning issue they will apply retrospectively.

A word of caution. If you ask your neighbour for their approval you risk getting the wrong answer.

Siting your gazebo, with the nearest leg, 2 metres or more from the boundary is within your 'permitted development rules', so does not normally require a planning application.

Over the last 10 years, we have never had a planning refusal simply because the gazebo is sited too close to a boundary. So in our customers experience the planners always give approval as you can see with this example, they are not concerned with the minutia ( i.e. 30cm 12" )



A White Pavilion comes complete with all the fixings, instructions and pre drilled timber. This makes installation quite easy for the average DIY person. We would suggest a two-person team, our two smaller gazebos take about half a day to install.

To make it more secure we include a stainless steel box section and construction anchorbolts for attaching to your patio, timber decking or garden. Please note, that a premium quality gazebo is always securely attached to the ground.

Our White Pavilion Garden Gazebos are designed to be dismantled and reinstalled. Don't leave it behind when you move house.

Most of our customers choose to self-install, often with family and friends. Our instructions do work! In the unlikely event of you needing that extra bit of help, we are here, just in case.

We have a number of recommended installers, call us to see if we have one to cover your area - 01653 695 285


A wash with diluted mild detergent and rinse off with a hosepipe a four times a year will keep it looking good. As you would with your car it's best to remove bird dropping as soon as possible. Do NOT use chemicals, abrasives or a power washer as this will damage the acrylic protection.

Very Important Regularly check, 4 times a year, and clear drain holes in each corner rafter end. These holes allow for excess water to drain away and can easily become blocked. Timber in 'constant' contact with water will rot over time. Claims for this type of damage cannot be considered.

Temperature changes can cause slackening of the nuts. We suggest you check your nuts for tightness twice a year.



For complete peace of mind we give you a 5 Year UK Guarantee…… so why not buy a gazebo that looks this good and gives you years and years of enjoyment.

We source only the highest quality parts which is why our products have never failed.

Our, no quibble, guarantee gives the original purchaser the assurance that we will replace any item that fails to perform to its original manufactured standard. We will replace the faulty item without charge.  Delivery costs to areas outside the UK mainland will apply.

White Pavilion reserves the right to substitute the failed product with a similar product should the item or model or colour is no longer available.  Any replacement will be for the failed product only, but only where compatible parts are still available.  The original warranty period is not extended in the event of a repair or replacement.

In the event of a claim, it is the customers’ responsibility to contact White Pavilion Gazebos at [email protected] and supply a copy of a proof of purchase.  Or call us on +44 (0) 1653 695 285.

We are confident that our gazebos will give you many many years of service.

If you feel dissatisfied in any way of course you can. We need total customer satisfaction. Subject to your statutory rights under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 any amendments, are not affected by any of our terms and conditions.


White Pavilion Gazebos make your garden the place to be, in rain or shine. Our high quality gazebos are not designed just for the summer. Get more from your outdoors, all year round. The fitted side screens and an infrared heater mean you and your guests will remain dry and warm all day (and night). And with our range of colours they can blend in, or stand out, as much or as little as your heart desires.


“Compare us to other gazebos. Only a White Pavilion Gazebo will give you......”

✓  Long Life Canopy: 20+ years 

✓  Long Life Pressure Treated Timber

  Stainless Steel Brackets & Fixings

  Translucent ‘Self Clean’ Canopy: get your sample

  100% UV Protection

  100% Waterproof

  Tested To Safely Withstand 100+ Mph Winds

  32 Colour Choices : order your colour swatch

  Optional Side Screens: see side screen options

  Optional Infrared Heaters: check out heater options

  Simple Self Build : see the video

  Can be dismantled and moved to your next house

✓  Can be installed on your patio or timber decking

  Installation service available in most areas

✓  5 Year UK Guarantee

 “We have sold more than a 1500 gazebos since 2007. No other gazebo sold in the UK gives you so much value”

Want Help or some Advice?

We're here to give you gentle guidance : Call us on 01653 695 285 or send your message.


Manager, New Inn Tresco, Isles of Scilly
  • "Just to let you know that your tough gazebos shrugged off yesterdays 115 mph storm without a problem. I wish the rest of the Scillies had done so well.”

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Customers are the Experts....Not the Salesman



We worked hard to make this a tough and stylish luxury wooden gazebo. And I'm happy to put my money where my mouth is. The canopy, timber frame and steel fittings all come with a fuss free 5 Year Guarantee. A White Pavilion Luxury Gazebo has an expected life in excess of 20 years.


With a 100% waterproof canopy, it will withstand temperature extremes from -30 degrees celsius to +70 degrees celsius. Snow build up isn't a problem either, as the smooth outer surface lets the snow simply slip off once it starts getting warmer - but to be certain I designed the canopies, when assembled, to support weight of an average grown man.


All metal fixings, nuts and bolts are made from 304 stainless steel, which gives the White Pavilion Gazebo's not only extraordinary strength, but also almost unlimited life. But the brushed finish of these exposed steel brackets and base also gives the White Pavilion Gazebo's a distinctive, stylish and contemporary look.


Wind is the greatest threat to any gazebo. So, I've built the White Pavilion Hospitality Gazebo to withstand even the strongest storms. Every White Pavilion Gazebo is certified to withstand wind speeds up to 27 metres per second - that's a force nine gale to you and me. Our highest windspeed recorded is 115 mph on the Isles of Scilly in Cornwall, and they survived intact!

More Reviews from Real Customers

Customers are the Experts....Not the Salesman


Who wants to be in the dark? This is why our customers choose a White Pavilion Gazebo.

Our stylish PVC translucent canopy is undoubtedly tough, and added strength is added using our under tension fitting process. But its also beautiful, allowing a soft natural light, that also provides protection from harmful sun's ultra-violet light. Its smooth finish is easy to clean, in fact is self cleans in the rain, and has a life expectancy of 20 years. It can be simply removed but is designed to be on permanentely in all weathers.


White Pavilion Garden Gazebo are built using engineered timber made with sustainable Northern European Redwood and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). All the timber is then treated with Osmose Naturewood to ensure protection from decay and infestation for many years. Osmose Naturewood products are environmentally safe and can be painted or stained to match any outdoor colour scheme.


Canopy also available with the skylight option as shown

What is the canopy material?

The pvc membrane canopy material is designed for the commercial marquee industry, is a tensile fabric structure that makes it possible to create dramatic, exciting and striking canopies as it offers translucency, is lightweight and uses tension to create the three dimensional form.

The fabric we use is the 650 gsm marquee grade PVC. This material has a tensile strength in excess of 5 tonnes per metre for a single thickness.

The quality of our canopy means it will survive 100+ mph winds…will last 20+ years…self clean in the rain…and is translucent to allow soft light.

“After selling more than 1500 gazebos we know how tough our canopies are. In fact we have never had to replace a failed canopy. That’s how good our quality is."

Tim Burdekin, Designer & Managing Director


We can offer you a huge range of coloured screens and canopies to replace the standard white canopy that comes with your garden gazebo. White is still our most popular colour, but that doesn’t mean it’s for you, so to request a free colour swatch just head over HERE

More Reviews from Real Customers

Customers are the Experts....Not the Salesman