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Gazebo Extras

Some of these Optional Extras cannot be ordered online. We need to chat to help you. To place an order for extras, please call us 01653 695 285.

Over the years we have taken customer feedback and made lots of little changes and improvements to our Gazebo range.

The core range offers spectacular quality and style, but there is always room for improvement or personalisation. Below are the optional extras you can have and how to order them.

Gazebo Side Screens

3m_No Windows
no window
circle window
vertical panels
panoramic window

Side Screens | from £221

Side Screens can be added online with a gazebo order. 

To order Side Screens at a later date please call us on 01653 695 285.

 We can supply extra long screens for customers who select the longer leg option for their gazebo. The longer leg option takes the standard walk-in height from 2.00m to 2.45m. Call us for a long screen quotation – 01653 695 285.

These are the most popular add-on for our gazebos. They are all made from the same high quality fabric that our canopy is made from.

 Our gazebo side screens can be added to protect you from the wind or give you extra privacy. Side screens are supplied with easy-fit stainless steel marine turnbuttons for permanent or temporary attachment. Side screens are a must to provide you with more outdoor time. They keep away not just the rain but, more importantly, the draughts.

.Each Gazebo in the range has specific screen sizes, so look for the guides on the product pages in the shop, or, use our handy Gazebo builder.

Or, just give us a call and ask – 01653 695 285.

     Screens manufactured with eyelets & supplied with turnbuttons.

Velcro™ Screen Ties

Velcro Ties for a gazebo side

Velcro™ ‘one wrap‘ Screen Ties | set of 3 for each screen | £9.00

If your side screen is going to be permanently down, perhaps for privacy or to hide a wall or something, then you won’t need to add velcro screen ties.

However, if you want to use the screens for shelter from the wind or rain, you will probably want to roll them up when not in use. In that case, simply add a set of ties for each screen you plan to roll up.

60cm x 5cm – white

These can be added from the shop and the gazebo builder or you can call us on 01653 965 285 and we will process the order for you.

Skylight Canopy

Provence 3m x 4m gazebo [ 5 leg version ]
Gazebo Skylight Image 2
Provence 3m x 4m gazebo [ 6 leg version ]
2 x Andalucia 3m x 6m Hospitality gazebos [ joined with a rain channel ]
Provence 3m x 4m hot tub gazebo [ 6 leg version ]


Skylight Canopy | from +£180

Some of the most common feedback we get about our Gazebos is the quality of light the standard white canopy gives. You have to sit under one on a sunny day to appreciate it fully. Or relax and gaze at the stars. However, some people wanted more light, so we added a skylight canopy.

This can be added to your order in the shop or as part of the gazebo builder, or, as ever, simply give us a call on 01653 695 285 and we can help you with your order.

Gazebo Heaters

gazebo heater 1500w infrared


1500w Infrared Gazebo Heaters – heat that doesn’t blow away | £149.00

Get more use out of your outdoor area by keeping those cold draughts away. An infrared heater is an essential option that will give you more warm enjoyment time in your gazebo, even on a summer’s evening. Ignore the weather, and give yourself more outdoor time.

We’ve sold more than 1,000 of these fabulous infrared heaters because they’re more effective than gas and much cheaper to run & better for the environment.

We recommend using our 1500w Infrared heaters, and we include a wiring channel to hide the cables.

UK-made, Waterproof rating IP55, 12p per kilowatt hour [ half the price of gas], lamp life 5,000 hours.

We recommend a minimum of:-

1 heater for the Rhodes 2.4m x 2.4m Gazebo
1 heater for the Tuscany 3m x 3m gazebo
2 heaters for the Provence 3m x 4m gazebo
3 heaters for Andalucia 3m x 6m gazebo

To order, simply add them to your basket in the shop or as an extra with the Gazebo builder.

Alternatively, call our customer support on 01653 695 285 and we can answer any questions and process the order for you.

Gazebo Lights

waterproof gazebo light

Stainless Steel Gazebo Lights | £69.00

Extend the use of your Gazebo late into the evening with the addition of lighting. We offer stylish IP65-rated lighting.

UK made – stainless steel, waterproof rating IP65, dimmable & can be fitted with 7W LED, lamps not supplied.

We recommend a minimum of:-

2 lights for the Rhodes 2.4m x 2.4m Gazebo
2 lights for the Tuscany 3m x 3m gazebo
4 lights for the Provence 3m x 4m gazebo
6 lights for Andalucia 3m x 6m gazebo

Lights can be added to your basket from the store, or added as extras to the Gazebo Builder, and, as ever, you can also call our customer services on 01653 695 285.

Gazebo Colours

Coloured Gazebos & Screens

We love our gazebos in white, but everyone has their preference.

That is why we offer 40 different coloured gazebo options.

Colours can be mixed and matched to suit your tastes. As colours are hard to show consistently on monitors and screens, we offer a free samples service.

You can request samples through the website, and should you wish to proceed with your order, call our customer services team on 01653 965 285 with the colour options you want, and they will process your order for you.

Coloured canopy supplement from £155.00. Coloured screen supplement from £35.00

Coloured canopies & screens can only be ordered by phone – 01653 695 285

Side Screen Zips

Gazebo Zip Image 1
Gazebo zip image 2

Gazebo Screen Zips | £49 each

While we don’t offer a door panel screen, we do offer zips. These can be added to all your screens to further windproof your gazebo.

We can put a zip anywhere you prefer, except through a transparent section.

To order please call 01653 695 285 to discuss your requirements.

Gazebo Rain Channel

Gazebo Rain Gutter Image 1
Gazebo Rain Gutter Image 2
Two 3m x 6m gazebos joined with a rain channel - see video above
Gazebo Rain Gutter Image 4

Rain Channel

If you want to have your gazebo close to your house or even join two gazebos together, then a rain channel is a great idea to stop the water drips.

Call customer support on 01653 695 285 to process your order and answer any questions.

Extra long gazebo legs and screens

Long Legged Gazebo

Extra Long Legs and Screens.

Our standard gazebos have a walk-in head height of 2m (with a total height of 2.8m). This can be extended to a walk-in height of 2.45m (with a total height of 3.2m). This can be handy when using your gazebo directly over opening doors where the extra height is required to allow the door to open into the gazebo.

We also offer a full range of extra long screens as well.
At the time of writing, extra long gazebos cannot be ordered via the website so please call our customer support on 01653 695 285.

5 year guarantee

5 year guarantee - view our range or build your own

All our White Pavilion Gazebo’s come with a no-quibble five year guarantee.

Create your own or shop from our range of popular, pre-configured enclosures.


Here are the answers to some of the common questions we get asked prior to ordering. If you can’t find your answer here, try our extensive gazebo FAQ’s section.

We Don’t Compete on Price; We Compete on Quality

Our prices are driven by the material costs – higher grade timber, stainless steel components, commercial quality long-lasting canopy and screens.

  • Changing to cheaper-priced materials would translate into a low-quality, short-life product.
  • We believe in long-lasting quality.

Our products that we designed here, with a 5-Year Guarantee, a 100mph Stormproof guarantee, have a 20-Year Design Life.

Simply, quality costs, so quality lasts.

Our gazebos are free delivery to most of the UK. 

Delivery to postcodes: DD, PH6, PH8-12, FK18-21, TR: £55.00   

Delivery to: The Highlands, UK Islands, Northern Ireland, Ireland & Europe, please check with us – 01653 695 285.


Our Gazebo’s come with all the fixtures and fittings you will require and all holes are predrilled to make assembly even easier.

Short answer in our 16 years’ experience, is a non-issue for you, so don’t worry.

Planning permission for our gazebos is not usually required, even in defined Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. A White Pavilion Garden Gazebo is viewed as being similar to a greenhouse or garden shed. If you are unsure and want some advice, contact us at 01653 695 285.

gazebo space idea

  • The photo above shows our Tuscany 3m x 3m x 2.8m standard height gazebo, installed on 2-step timber decking and installed within 2 metres of the boundary and over 2.50 metres height – location Gerrards Cross, London.

Because of its location, within 2 metres of a boundary, it was outside the automatically approved permitted development rules. i.e. over the 2.50 metre height rule and closer than 2 metres to the boundary fence. After a ‘moan’ from a neighbour, the Planners visited. They liked it and gave their approval.

  • The photo above shows our Provence 3m x 4m x 2.8m standard height gazebo, installed within 2 metres of the boundary and over 2.50 metres height. The Planners visited and gave their approval – location York.

Check out our website photos, and you will see that most of our customers placed their gazebo within 2 metres of the boundary fence. They did not apply for specific planning approval. They did not seek a neighbour’s permission.

Siting your gazebo, with the nearest leg, 2 metres or more from the boundary, is within your automatically approved permitted development rules, so it does not require any specific planning application.

Our customers believe that if it ever becomes a planning concern, they will apply retrospectively and get it. In our customers’ experience, the planners always give their approval on those extremely rare occasions, as seen in the examples above.

A word of advice. You do not need your neighbour’s permission to relax and enjoy your garden with one of our gazebos. It’s your garden, so it’s your choice. Our 2,500 customers know that a neighbour’s approval before installation is not required. So legally, you have rights to enjoy your garden without interference.

Over the last 16 years and 2,500 sales, we have never had a planning refusal because the gazebo is sited too close to a boundary. Look at the images on our website; you will see most are sited closer than 2m to the boundary fence. None of them has had planning issues.


Our guarantee applies to the original purchaser and gives total confidence to our customers. Our 5 Year Guarantee assures you that we will replace any item that fails to perform to its original manufactured standard. We source only the highest quality parts. We will replace the faulty item without charge. Delivery costs to areas outside the mainland UK will apply. Please note that electrical items and the transparent panel’s sections in the screens & canopy carry the manufacturer’s 12-month guarantee.

White Pavilion reserves the right to substitute the failed product with a similar product if the item, model, or colour is no longer available. Any replacement will be for the failed product only, but only where compatible parts are still available. The original warranty period is not extended in the event of a repair or replacement.

In the event of a claim, the customers’ responsibility is to contact White Pavilion Gazebos at and supply a copy of proof of purchase. Any claim must be in writing.

We are confident that our gazebos will give you many, many years of service.

We need total customer satisfaction. Subject to your statutory rights under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, any amendments are not affected by our terms and conditions.

No we don’t have a showroom, you can check out an extensive gallery of images on our Gazebo Ideas page. 

Yes, we offer 40 fade-resistant colours. We recommend customers order a swatch before buying as computer screen colours can vary. Find out more about ordering our coloured gazebos here.
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